Tony Nnadi
Tony Nnadi

Secretary of the Lower Niger Congress, Mr. Tony Nnadi says it is the responsibility of the Southern Nigerian people to walk out of a country that has failed.

Nnadi said the pro-democracy group formed on 15th May, 1994 as the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) succeded with its agitation to end the military junta in Nigeria.

Tony Nnadi

He made this revelation at the Lower-Niger Territory Mega Conference monitored by SaharaReporters on Saturday.

He said, “We have to do the unfinished work of NADECO by rejecting the failed union of the Nigerian state. NADECO completed its task of putting out the military rule.”

According to Col. Tony Nyiam who also spoke at the programme, the imbalance in the resources and justice began with the faulted 1999 constitution of Nigeria.

Nyiam, therefore, said, “The imbalance of the military security architecture gives the Fulani hegemonists the power.

“We must follow the people of the South West to devolve power to have Amotekun type of security structure.”

Speaking at the programme, Kenneth Odidika called the current Nigerian constitution a fraud while prescribing that the best time for the combined regions of the South-East and South-South to opt out of Nigeria is now.

“The 1999 Constitution is simply a fraud. If we don’t reject it, we’ll continue to suffer the illegality forced on us.

“We must take advantage of the inherent illegality of the constitution to walk into freedom because we are not a party to it.

Also, the President of the Lower Niger Congress, Dr. Fred Agbeyegbe, said the Southern people can no longer co-exist with the people that have no values for their lives. He said there is nothing common to the North and South except the faulted constitution.

“What does the Lower Niger Congress have in common with the Northern predators than the forced rogue constitution?

“We cannot co-exist with the people that have no values for their own lives and can take our lives inasmuch as they say ‘Allahu Akbar’

“The solution is that we have to end the fraud of 1999 to correct the repudiation of 1914,” Agbeyegbe said.




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