Sometimes all you need is one … podcast. From the moment that Hilarie Burton, Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush launched the “Drama Queens” podcast, they started spilling One Tree Hill secrets.

The actresses, who starred in the hit CW series as Peyton, Haley and Brooke, respectively, launched the podcast in June 2021 to recap all 187 episodes and share their experiences from filming in Wilmington, North Carolina.

“I have not seen anything since I left, and I never saw the last three seasons,” Burton, who exited the series at the end of season 6 in 2009, said during the “Drama Queens” premiere episode. “Frankly, I’m nervous about rewatching because, it’s like, I know it’s gonna be painful to watch myself learn how to act on camera.”

Bush echoed her thoughts, adding that landing a main role on the show with very little prior acting experience was “kind of like being pushed off a cliff and trying to get our skydiving backpack on at the same time.” She added, “It’s a wonder none of us is dead!”

During the podcast, the former costars not only break down different episodes and story lines but also share behind the scenes secrets — from recasting news to last-minute hair drama.

“I dyed my hair every color in the book over the years,” the Love, Victor star shared during one episode. “[One summer,] I had dyed my hair black and I cut bangs. … Our boss, who shall not be named, lost his marbles that I cut bangs because he was like, ‘All the cheerleaders never paid me the time of day in high school all had bangs and they were bitches!’ Our hair was kind of this battle!”

The show’s creator, Mark Schwahn, was accused of sexual misconduct in 2017 — claims that were backed up by Bush, Burton, Lenz and 15 other costars on the show. He never responded to the allegations and they have yet to name him on the podcast.

Scroll through the gallery below for the biggest revelations from the One Tree Hill rewatch podcast:

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